Into The Unknown return with a new singer and a new single.

Into the Unknown, the British symphonic rock band, released their last album in 2019, and then unfortunately singer Lucie Hölzlová left the band as she moved back home to her native Czech Republic.  A period of auditions, pandemics and Brexit all conspired to delay the creativity of the band, and the planned 2020 release of their third full studio album was delayed!

They were working behind the scenes, recruiting new drummer Richard Novak and keyboard player Paul Knightley ready for proposed gig, and then 2020 happened ….

However, rehearsals have now been underway, the band have been in recording their parts for the new album, and they are ready to reveal their new singer …. Natalie Shedden.

Natalie is no stranger to the music business, her solo career having seen her grace the dance music charts, which may surprise people as to why she would be now fronting a heavy rock band!

We didn’t want a ‘rock’ singer, Lucie was more theatrical with her vocals and we had heard Natalie singing some Musical Theatre, especially her renditions of Les Misérables songs.  Ryan and I had both worked with her a few years ago, before Into The Unknown formed and after a few auditions with some great singers, it was suggested that we approach Natalie, who immediately said yes!” said bass player Rupert

They recorded a few live acoustic tracks whilst in lockdown but for various reasons didn’t release them.  They’ve now added two of the tracks to the single as ‘b sides’.

And so to the single – it’s another Disney cover!

Back when we did the covers mini album, “The Other Side of the Wall”, we recorded a version of “I Wanna Be Like you” from the Jungle Book, so when we saw that Disney released Frozen 2 with the main song being called “Into The Unknown”, we took that as a challenge!  It also showcases Natalie’s vocals and gave us the chance to have a bit of fun” says lead guitarist Ryan

Coupled with the new live acoustic versions of “Breaking My Heart” and “Don’t Pay The Ferryman”, the songs have been produced in 3D audio, which means that listening (especially with headphones) should give the listener the feeling of being more immersed in the music.

This single serves the purposes of introducing Natalie to the fans and media, whilst paving the way for the new album, which is nearly fully written and recorded, and due for a release in 2022.  The twin guitars of Ryan Rivers and James Milner combine with the solid rhythm section of Richard and Rupert, the orchestration, Pauls melodic piano playing, and Natalie’s searing vocals.

Into the Unknown, the latest single, was released digitally on January 28th, via The Orchard/Sony.

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